Pin Lock MFL Tubing Kit

  • MUST HAVE for all cornelius keg owners. Allows for injecting CO2 in and dispensing beer out of standard pin lock kegs.
  • 5FT OF GAS TUBING allows for your CO2 tank to be placed in a convenient position. Competitor products make you compromise with only 3ft.
  • EASY CLEANING by removing the MFL disconnect and running water through the tubing. Most competitor products use barb disconnects with pex clamps which is extremely difficult to clean.
  • WORKS WITH ALL STANDARD REGULATORS. Includes swivel nut for mfl regulators. Remove swivel nut for barb regulators.
  • PRE-ASSEMBLED. delivered to your home or business ready to use.
  • Liquid option includes 3ft of 3/16" ID tubing (Kuri Tec vinyl), picnic faucet, swivel nut, 2x worm clamp, and MFL liquid disconnect.
  • Gas option includes 5ft of 5/16" ID premium Bevlex tubing, 2x swivel nut, 2x worm clamp, and MFL gas disconnect

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