Heavy Duty Nitrogen Keg Charger (0-50psi)

  • PORTABLE. Keep dispensing pressure in your keg when you are away from home without bulky CO2 or Nitrogen gear.
  • NITRO REGULATOR creates dispense pressure for anything from nitro coffee to nitro stouts to kegged wine. Keep the frothy head and avoid the bitter off flavors from CO2.
  • NITROGEN AND ARGON COMPATIBLE. 0-45psi ensures perfect pressure with no effort. Aluminum regulators can only handle CO2 pressure. This brass version can handle nitrogen, argon, and CO2 which makes it the most flexible mini regulator on the market. Just insert the cartridge, set the dial, and attach to your keg.
  • Compatible with 3/8" or 5/8" threaded CO2, nitrogen, or argon cartridges. 
  • Includes (1) Nitro Mini Regulator, (1) 3/8" adapter, (1) 5/8" adapter, and (1) CM Becker Ball Lock MFL Gas Disconnect. Cartridges and keg not included.

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