Ultimate Nitrogen Regulator Kit

  • MOST VERSATILE REGULATOR ON THE MARKET. Use this regulator with standard homebrew nitrogen & CO2 tanks (CGA320), and 3/8” & 5/8” disposable cartridges. Also includes 2 output fitting to connect directly to a keg disconnect or with tubing.
  • 0-50 HEAVY DUTY regulator can be used to dispense or to carbonate. Perfect for homebrewers to carbonate or nitrogenate their brew and then later dispense it from their container of choice
  • PORTABLE This regulator is made of brass and is small enough to use in any portable regulator application. Also, include a mounting bracket to attach to the handle of the keg.
  • NITRO EVERYTHING Perfect for making and dispensing nitro coffee or nitro beers. Brass body ensures safe use with both nitrogen AND CO2.
  • This kit includes the regulator, 3 input adapters, 2 output fittings, mounting bracket, and a roll of Teflon tape. Everything else sold separately.

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