Carbonation Keg Lid for Cornelius Corny Kegs

  • SHAKE NO MORE with this convenient kit that makes force carbonating your corny keg a breeze. Simply assemble the lid, dip tube, and stone, install on your Cornelius keg. Use your CO2 system to easily inject CO2 into your homebrew.
  • STAINLESS STEEL construction ensures long-term durability and reliability. 304 Stainless steel makes sanitation easy. High-quality FDA grade Bevlex tubing prevents any off flavors from imparting on your beer.
  • CARBONATION STONE makes carbonation easy and efficient. 0.5 microns is the perfect size to force carbonate everything from a Belgian to a stout.
  • Fits all oval lid ball lock kegs and includes a lid sealing O-ring and relief valve. Does not fit racetrack style lid openings.
  • Includes carbonating keg lid, 0.5-micron diffusion stone, and 2' of 1/4" ID food grade vinyl tubing.

Collections: Ball Lock Connections

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