Heating and Cooling Digital Fermentation Temperature Controller

  • PRECISE TEMPERATURE CONTROL for everything from homebrewing fermentation to seedling heat mats to aquariums and terrariums!
  • HEATING AND COOLING options allow for easy connection to heat mats or freezers. Minimum temperature: 0°F Maximum Temperature: 212°F
  • STRAIGHTFORWARD DESIGN makes operation a breeze. See your set temperature and your probe temperature with an easy to read screen. Unit includes detailed instructions for operation. Universal outlet ensures ultimate compatibility with any device. 56 inch power cord and probe cord allows for use in any environment or application.
  • FLEXIBLE SETTINGS include heating and cooling, delay times, temperature control, and slewing range to prevent rapid cycling. This temperature controller is flexible enough to work for a large variety of applications but simple enough to save you time and money!
  • Includes 1x Temperature Controller and 1x Instructions Sheet.