Homebrew Fermentation Heater

The Electric Fermentation Heater can be attached to a fermenter to raise the temperature of fermenting beer or wine. The EFH can be attached to a glass, plastic, or steel fermenter using electrical tape and plugged into an 110V outlet; for optimum results, use in conjunction with an electronic temperature controller.

  • MAKE GREAT BEER, WINE & KOMBUCHA. Proper temperature control is essential for quality fermentation.
  • PERFECT FOR ALL SIZE FERMENTERS. At 25" long and 10" tall, this heater will easily fit most beer, wine, or kombucha fermenters
  • EVEN HEAT. Attach to your preferred fermenter with electrical tape, and this heater will provide even heat throughout the entire vessel
  • ACCURATE TEMPERATURE CONTROL. Keep your fermenting liquid at the exact correct temperature when you pair this heater with a digital temperature controller